Ben Kling - Emmy's Birthday Gift
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Hey uh, emmyc I made you a birthday song.

This afternoon.

Cause I know you like ‘em written composed and recorded in 2 hrs or less.


My dearest Emmy I’ve been told

You’re turning 25 Years Old

And your professed preference has me miffed

I know you dislike pageantry

But I feel I’d be an absentee

If I didn’t find for you the world’s most ostentatious gift

I thought about

a watering can

a sputtering van

a poster of a toaster or a catamaran

but I settled on a solid gold statue of Shania Twain

Maybe the Philosopher’s Stone

some awful cologne

a motor boat or motorola mobile phone

but no, I got for you a solid gold Statue of Shania Twain

I know you said you needed a horse

Or a lawyer for your divorce

But I realized that of course

A gilded country singer’s bust is what you meant by that

So I didn’t buy you new kicks

Or a bag of wet ticks

But it won’t be long until you’re turning twenty six

And I can give you a brass figurine of Stevie Nicks

But for now it’s a solid gold statue of Shania Twain

And a stale baguette

And a hug!

BEN I TREASURE YOU. Hahahaha I love it


It sounds like this:


Enjoy. :)

(edit) - Missing Credits: Chloe Buse, Diana D’Arcee

This is incredible!!


The Boxtrolls (2014) | Behind the Scenes

via Animation Magazine:

  • 1 week; the average amount of time for an animator to complete 3.7 seconds of footage
  • 3.5 inches, the cuff-to-cuff measurement of baby Eggs’ sweater (created on an embroidery machine to produce irregular lines, like a hand-knitted garment). His little socks are only ⅝” long
  • 4 scenes per week was the goal for each animator
  • 14 different fabrics were used in Lord Portley-Rind’s white hat
  • 24 kinds of weeds were created for backgrounds by the greens department
  • 55 different sculpts of prop cheeses were made; different scale sizes were needed for wide, medium and close shots

The 7th image… oh do they animate water so that the wave lights animate alongside the character animation?? Is that some 3D printed water right there that they switch out over and over??? A light projection thru glass? Dying to know how it works. Everything about how Laika makes movies is real actual magic


experience it
Sunhat girl

Sunhat girl

reverse falconer

reverse falconer