I have a crush on this album lately. It’s handsome cowboy emotions!!

Fav tracks: Brother, She Lit A Fire, Time To Run, Lonesome Dreams, The Man Who Lives Forever

What are you guys listening to lately? Recommend me something upbeat! I wear out all my music so fast, it’s ridiculous

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    for whene you’re snuggling with a cup of tea
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    I haven’t even finished listening to the first song and I’m already in love. Thank you for being the best and posting...
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  5. tona001 said: You’d probably like “A Movement Between These Two” and “Choose Your Own Adventure part 1” by Hola A Todo El Mundo. They resemble a little bit to Lord Huron’s style. Hope you like it!! :)
  6. felixphoenix said: Future Islands, Alt-J, Metronomy
  7. botarel said: OK, I’m going to check this album out. Thanks! Good music is like seasoning for life :D
  8. attackoftheporter said: I started listening to this after your first post, and now I kind of love you for it. Kinda.
  9. katie-nolte said: Steam Powered Giraffe. Steampunk Vauldville robots, what more could you possibly want?!
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  11. dagger-dayz said: Deals Gone Bad’s album The Ramblers. The best way to describe their sound is “ska soul.” I wouldn’t call it upbeat. But I’m really diggin it this time of year.
  12. sebastianfotouhi said: Have you heard of the band Stepdad? They are pretty good and upbeat sounding
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  14. cliffordsladyfriend said: youtube.com/watch?v… Joanna Newsom, Good Intentions Paving Company; youtube.com/watch?v… Andrew Bird- Happy Day
  15. radsauce said: Gloss Drop, by Battles