Hey Emmy! Not sure if this was yours, but if it is, I thought you'd like to know your art is on 9GAG without any credits... Maybe I'm just making an ass out of myself. Anyway, love you!! :D

Pro tip for everyone: EVERYONES art is on 9GAG without credits! It’s what 9GAG does. It takes content from other users, posts it to it’s own website for page views (which it then profits off of) and gives 0 credit to the media-makers. This has happened to every content-making person I know.

Websites like those (and there are MANY) are very harmful to the independent artist. If you don’t want to encourage that kind of thing, DON’T visit websites like 9GAG or ICanHasCheeseburger or places like that :( Don’t link to them, don’t give them your valuable pageviews.

And thank you all for keeping your eyes peeled for my work being where it shouldn’t be! It’s very appreciated

  1. blazehedgehog said: The sad part is sites like 9GAG will never go away. This is a legacy that began with Ebaumsworld more than a decade ago. :(
  2. the-capm said: Re-blobbable, pls.
  3. paradox-danish said: Reminds me of the good old days when your bro made that song about the original content thief piece of shit D-bag, ebaum.