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This is an audio clip of Dan Didio at SDCC.  Someone in the audience asked him why the percentage of women on DC’s creative team dropped from 12% to 1%.  His response is “What do these numbers mean to you?” and “Who should we be hiring?”  I know most of you have read a transcript of the discussion, but you should probably listen to this.  I know I imagined a more sarcastic/inquisitive tone on “Who should we be hiring?” so hearing how aggressive he sounds is just.  Wow.  I would’ve been incredibly uncomfortable had I witnessed this first hand.

I’m pretty sure credit for the audio clip goes to DCWKA, but I could be wrong.

Holy fucking shit. I was not expecting that.

This, to me, makes it very clear that Didio did not actually want an answer. He is aggressive, and is clearly attempting to intimidate the fan who asked the question. There’s barely room to respond, and his repetition in increasingly agitated tones of “Who should we hire? Tell me right now!” sounds like it would belong better in an interrogation room than a Q&A! From his tone, he is very much on the defensive. It sounds, to me, like he legitimately thinks that there are no women good enough for him to have hired.

I think that pisses me off more than anything else. That he is so secure in his asinine hiring decisions during this process that he thinks he is beyond reproach and becomes noticeably agitated when questioned.

Didio, you are not beyond reproach. In fact, considering your position and the industry you work in, you are subject to the scrutiny of the fans. That’s how it works. And we will call you on your bullshit. You are answerable for your decisions, and if you cannot rationally explain them without becoming angry and aggressively defensive about them, maybe you should take a second look at them.

I remember listening to this and really not expecting it, either. All I could do was cringe and say; “Oh honey, no.”


Why even go to a public place like SDCC and then ask for fan questions if you had some serious ego-bruising topics you wanted to avoid at all costs? That clip was so self-inflated I can’t even

It’s really heartening to see fanboys so interested/invested in equality in comics though! Not just represented in the comics, but also the workplace. I think that is the coolest.

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    knew there was a reason i disliked dc
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    I tend to bitch about the comic industry (and media in general) as being openly and aggressively bigoted towards talent...
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    I used to really like you, DC. Your reboot and this are making me start to lose faith in you. Way to fuck over your...
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    There is something I just don’t understand about this. How is it possible that almost no women work in these comic...
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    I just.. yea.. I can’t stand when someone puts themselves in a position to answer questions or be interviewed and then...
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    Dan DiDio still needs to die in a fire.
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    oh wow
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